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Randy Mills

Creative Director / Co-Founder

Astrid Mills

Director of Media & Strategy / Co-Founder


Randy Mills

Randy Mills is a film and video professional with credits on major motion pictures (Just Go With ItHereafter), internationally syndicated TV series (The Amazing Race, Ultimate Survival Alaska, Sesame Street), award winning documentaries (Supermensch, Of Wind and Waves), as well as short films/series (Ray & Clovis, Being Good, Bug Therapy).

Astrid Mills

Astrid brings over 10 years of digital experience to Urchin, specializing in digital media, strategy, social, content creation and project management. Her previous clients include Samsung, Mazda, Toyota, Red Bull, ARCO, United Healthcare, and Heineken.

When not geeking out about new ad serving technology or a new social media platform, she spends her time hiking with her dogs, learning to play the drums, playing card games or eating potato’s.

Cat Bristol

Cat Bristol has worked in Analytics for 10 years working in the entertainment industry (working on brands such as Dragon Ball Z, Bullet the movie, and Mass Effect), where she has developed analytics processes, reporting structures, but has also conducted website audits and cleanup. Cat is all about creating efficiencies and providing effective marketing reports that are simple and easy to understand. When Cat isn’t working she loves travelling, scuba diving, hiking, and anything water related.

Penny Laris

Penny Laris has been in the advertising industry for over 8 years working with clients such as Mazda, United Healthcare, Yamaha Motor Corporation, ARCO and ampm. When she is not planning and buying media, she enjoys gardening, cat whispering, and being a hippie mama. 

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